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Found 1 result

  1. Arko såpe

    Hei. Jeg er ganske aktiv på forumet til B&B og lagde en produktomtale på Arko sin såpe. Jeg limer inn omtalen min, som er på engelsk. Burde ikke by på problemer :-) So, today i tried my very first soap for shaving. I just received the turkish brand Arko soapstick. I have read all kind of reviews on this particular soap. Most of the men using this soap says it's cheap, long lasting, easy to lather, and stinky (they describe it like urinal puck smell) I guess my expecktations was rather low... But never the less, i got curious, logged on Ebay and found a turkish seller. Cheap price, worldwide shipping included, good feedback on the seller. Couldn't turn this offer down. So finally the package was in my mailbox. Well secured and wrapped in protective envelope. Remembering what people said about the horrible smell, i decided to open the package when everybody was away. My impressions: 1 The smell was nothing like some people claim. It was a kind of fresh soap/floral scent, maybe a hint of sitrus? Not too overpowering. I have been in a few public restrooms and can't honestly say it smell like urinal pucks at all. To me the scent is clean and fresh. 2 It is a stick. I guess the intention is to use this for facelathering. You could also mash it into a bowl for lathering. But i tried (for the first time) facelathering. And to my big surprise it was VERY EASY. ,The soap is (after my opinion) solid, but i soaked it a bit in warm water and swirled around m face for a few seconds, then used my soaked Proraso brush... And man, did this soap lather. I guess i overdid it by a long shot :-) The lather was rich,slick and didn't dry out. 3 I got a nice,clean shave. Nothing to complaint about what so ever. I just regret not having tried soaps before. Can't wait until i receive my Haslinger soap.<br /> All in all i'm very pleased with the Arko quality. But i have no experience with soaps until today, so don't take my word for it :-) Scent is a personal thing and depends on the nose. But for me it was pleasant. Will i buy more? Yes